Questions & Answers

How do these bins support our school?

Your school will receive money for every pound of clothing collected. Funds earned can be made payable to administration or your PTA or PTO. You can use these funds for supplies and educational programs.

We are teaching children that their clothes are of value and recycling is a life-long commitment.

There is no cost to you. No risk, Only Benefits!

How do your programs work?

We place a collection bin in your parking lot so your students/families can drop off at their convenience. We have camera systems in our bins to alert our team members when service is needed and prevent overflow. We weigh all the contents and your school will get paid monthly for every pound your school collects! You can also host a clothing drive once or twice a year.

What do you accept?

We simply ask that students, parents, faculty, staff and community donate new and used clothing, coats, shoes, towels, tablecloths and linens, etc.

How often do you empty the bins?

We have trucks on the road seven days a week. We will empty the bins as often as necessary. These steel bins are safe and secure. They are locked and fire-proof.

How much money will our school earn?

There is no limit on how much your school can earn. It depends on how much your group supports the program. The average school receives approximately $100 per month just for having a bin, some earn over $400 per month.

How do we get started?

Once approved by your school principal, our event coordinator will set up a delivery date for your bin and provide you with a flier and information for you to copy and circulate to your students and families. Register Now

Clothing to Cash® School Recycling Program

Is An Easy School Fundraiser

No Extra Work - No Hassle

Parents don’t have to buy anything or pay any money