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November 15, 2013

America Recycle Day (ARD), celebrated on November
15th each and every year, is dedicated to encouraging
Americans to recycle and to buy recycled products.

The purpose of America Recycle Day is to promote the
social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling
and to encourage more people to join the movement to
create a better natural environment.

America Recycle Day Events and Education
Since the first America Recycle Day in 1997, millions of
Americans  have become better informed about the
importance of recycling and buying products made from
recycled materials.

And it’s working. Americans today are recycling more than

On America Recycle Day, Captiol Clothing Recyclers puts
forth an extra push to help educators, volunteers, and
coordinators to organize events in communities nationwide
to raise awareness and educate people about the varied
benefits of recycling.

The EPA estimates that each person in the U.S. generates
over 70 pounds of unwanted clothing and shoes PER
YEAR. Over 55% of these recyclable items still end up in

Want to learn how to raise money for your school or non-
profit group, while recycling clothing so it can be re-used
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Every action counts. Be conscious.  Make today and every
day, a recycling one!

‘FUN’ facts about recycling:

In 2006, according to the EPA, every American generated
about 4.6 pounds of waste daily and recycled
approximately one third of it (roughly 1.5 pounds).

The rate of composting and recycling in the United States
rose from 7.7 percent of the waste stream in 1960 to 17
percent in 1990. Today, Americans recycle around 33
percent of their waste.

In 2007, the amount of energy saved from recycling
aluminum and steel cans, plastic PET, glass containers,
newsprint and corrugated packaging was equivalent to:
•The amount of electricity consumed by 17.8 million
Americans in one year.
•29 percent of nuclear electricity generation in the U.S. in
one year.
•7.9 percent of U.S. electricity generation from fossil fuels
in one year.
•11 percent of the energy produced by coal-fired power
plants in the United States
•The energy supplied from 2.7 percent of imported barrels
of crude oil into the United States
•The amount of gasoline used in almost 11 million
passenger automobiles in one year.

Despite that progress, however, much more needs to be
done because the stakes are very high.

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling helps to conserve natural resources and reduce
greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global
warming. According to the EPA, recycling one ton of
aluminum cans saves the energy equivalent of 36 barrels
of oil or 1,655 gallons of gasoline.

Saving Energy

If a ton of cans is a little too much to visualize, consider
this: recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy
to power a television for three hours. Yet, every three
months, Americans toss enough aluminum into landfills to
rebuild the entire U.S. fleet of commercial airplanes,
according to the National Recycling Coalition.

Using recycled materials also saves energy and reduces
global warming. For example, using recycled glass
consumes 40 percent less energy than using new
materials. Americans also contribute to recycling by
purchasing products with recycled content, less packaging
and fewer harmful materials.

Learn How Recycling Helps the Economy

Recycling reduces costs to businesses and creates jobs.
The American recycling and reuse industry is a $200
billion dollar enterprise that includes more than 50,000
recycling and reuse establishments, employs more than 1
million people, and generates an annual payroll of
approximately $37 billion.